5 Dangerous Aesthetic Procedures You Should Avoid

People go under the knife for several reasons. Some wanted to have an enhanced appearance, while others do it to lose weight or to restore their appearance following an accident or some type of trauma. 

However, no matter the reason behind cosmetic surgery, the procedure is not without risk. One may be more serious than the other types of surgery, each presenting varying degrees of complications including scarring, infection, and blood loss to name a few. 

Safety and beauty go hand in hand. In this article, we listed some of the dangerous cosmetic procedures that surgeons caution against. 



Many cosmetic surgeons agree that if there’s one procedure to avoid when looking to achieve a slimmer figure, it’s the Lipodissolve—an injection of substances that promises to dissolve away stubborn fat. It’s often performed as part of a mesotherapy, a procedure where none of the substances used for injection is scientifically approved. 

Consequently, the approved version of mesotherapy is called Kybella and it’s exclusively safe to use for reducing double chin fat. 


Permanent Filler Injections 

Injectable fillers are specialised gels that are injected into the skin to plump up lips, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and add extra volume to the skin wherever it’s needed. 

Most fillers available today are temporary. These include collagen and the most widely used dermal filler, hyaluronic acid. However, there are also some fillers designed to have longer-lasting effects, including liquid silicone but, while a cheaper alternative, it’s known to result in several complications including an irreversible, distorted appearance. 


Injection for Breast Augmentation

Pumping the breasts with fat is seen as a non-scarring alternative to breast implant surgery. In this procedure, fat is harvested from the buttocks and thighs, purified, and reinjected into the breasts. 

On the surface, this procedure may be simple. But, in reality, aesthetic surgeons maintain that injection of fat or any substance into or behind the breast tissue can be dangerous as there are risks for the reinjected fat to calcify, creating a scarred mass within the breast tissues. These calcifications can make detecting breast cancer difficult, if not impossible. 


Buttock Implants 

For anyone seeking out surgical solutions for a larger, rounder butt, buttock implants may seem a preferable option. 

Instead of using either silicone gel or saline similar to that used in breast implants, this procedure uses solid slabs of silicone, placed underneath the fibrous lining of the butt muscles. The result is a more appealing butt but, often with a price. 

Besides the risk of infection, another problem with the procedure is that the implants tend to move around and become displaced. 


Any Aesthetic Procedure by Untrained Hands 

The increasing demand for cosmetic surgery has birthed not only to people constantly seeking out solutions to improve their appearance but also to people who are so willing to perform these procedures. 

The problem, however, is not every doctor has the necessary training to conduct these procedures, with some even not possessing a medical degree. Hence, besides the dangerous procedures, you should also avoid such practitioners at all costs. Make sure to check out a doctor’s credentials before committing to undergoing surgery. It’s one way to avoid risks which can be any of the following: 


The Potential Dangers of Aesthetic Procedures

Risks Hematoma: A pocket of clotted blood that resembles a large bruise. It typically occurs following a breast augmentation or a facelift procedure. 

Blood Loss: Blood loss is generally expected with any surgery. However,  severe blood loss can result in a drop in blood pressure, which can be fatal.

Infection: Infection remains one of the major complications of aesthetic surgery, affecting up to 2.5% of patients who undergo breast augmentation. 

Nerve Damage: The risk of nerve damage is present in many types of aesthetic procedures. While generally temporary, there are also cases where it can be permanent. 

Scarring: Because aesthetic procedures are designed to enhance your look, scarring can be particularly annoying. However, it can’t be avoided in some types of surgery. 

Unsatisfactory Results: Disappointment with surgery results is also a possibility. Some people who undergo breast implant may experience asymmetry problems while others simply not like the result. 


In summary, no cosmetic surgery comes without risk. But, you can significantly avoid them by consulting to surgeons that use board-approved medical aesthetic equipment and beauty equipment in Singapore. It also helps to know your limitations before consenting to surgery. 

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