8 easy ways to get clear and healthy skin

Our skin is a delicate piece of work that requires maintenance every now and then. Just like a state-of-the-art machine, the skin needs to be handled with utmost care. 

Each layer of skin is tasked with a functional purpose, whether it's to protect itself from bacteria or to attach the muscles and bones. Because of this, the skin’s appearance can go through certain changes. Fortunately, with proper skin care methods, you can make sure the skin is looking as fine as ever.

Ensure your skin is getting the care it needs with these 8 easy methods:


Protect yourself from the sun

While sunlight can be healthy for the body, it can also be dangerous for the skin. 90 percent of skin ageing is caused by overexposure to the sun. Protect your skin from the sun to hinder the ageing process and prevent risks of obtaining skin cancer.

There are two easy ways of protecting yourself from the sun. First, utilise proper sunscreen on a daily basis. Second, use extra layers of clothing if needed or wear hats and sunglasses.


Sleep well at night

A bad night’s sleep will not only leave you grumpy and groggy the morning after, but your skin will also look dull. Sometimes, you’ll also have dark circles under your eyes. The skin needs sleep the same way the body requires rest. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to keep both your body and skin well-maintained.


Work out

Exercising is great for the body in more ways than one. You’ll feel great about the way you look and your body will greatly improve with physical benefits such as increased strength and endurance among others. Other than that, your skin will also benefit from exercising since sweating allows the pores to open up and release oil, dirt, and bacteria.


Utilise beauty equipment

There are different types of beauty equipment in Singapore for you to invest in. Each type has its purpose, but most of them are utilised for making skincare regimens easier to handle. Buy a skincare device of your choicewhether it's a  cleaning brush, sculpting bar, stone rollerto make it easier for you to take care of your skin!


Know your skin type

Everyone’s skin type is a little different than the other. This means there’s no basic skincare blueprint that applies to everyone. You need to figure out your type of skin to know which skincare products have the right ingredients.


Avoid alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol can have serious consequences on your skin, especially if your age is past its 20s. Drink in moderation, avoid hangovers, and get enough sleep to make sure your skin will still look refreshed and better than usual.


Remove your makeup before sleeping

When makeup is attached to the skin overnight, pores are clogged, increasing the chances of causing breakouts.  Treat your makeup with the same routine of brushing your teeth before sleeping or taking a shower before going to work. Take off your makeup before sleeping so your skin isn’t compromised.


Get a regular checkup

With so many advanced machines in this day and age, getting checked up is much easier and more accurate. If you feel like your skin is in danger, have a check-up immediately. Request an appointment with your preferred dermatologist.
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