Aesthetic procedures to look forward to this 2019

We’re almost halfway through 2019, yet there are still so many things to discover in the world of aesthetic treatment. Our landscape of technology is quickly evolving, thanks to thousands of hours spent into research just to improve our way of living.


With more focus on non-surgical treatments, patients can expect safer and more relaxing procedures. As we move towards non-invasive medical procedures, we also heavily rely more on technology. This is good because this means we’re utilising more advanced methods of aesthetic treatment.


Here are a few advanced aesthetic procedures to look forward to this current year.


More ≠ Better

 There was a time where quick and easy was the way to go. This means getting treated on the spot with immediate results. However, this isn’t the case for the present-day industry of aesthetic medicine.


Today, there’s an emphasis on getting positive results through slow but steady procedures. It’s all about subtle improvements with significant results in the long run.


One good example of a product that relies on subtle changes is Micro-Botox. It focuses on the skin by reducing pore size which tightens the skin. The Micro-Botox is like an improved version of the traditional Botox. Unlike traditional Botox, Micro-Botox won’t affect the muscles so patients can retain their natural and youthful complexion.


Advanced rejuvenation technology

 As previously mentioned, there’s a shift towards technology when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Fortunately, research is focused on covering all aspects of the skin including the body.


Non-invasive skin tightening procedures used on the neck and face are also adapted for bodily use. This creates more options for the patient who wants to rejuvenate their entire skin.


Non-invasive treatments

 Times are changing and the world keeps evolving. Such is the case for non-invasive medical treatments which are slowly replacing traditional treatments. The best thing about this trend is that not only is it healthier for the patient, but non-invasive treatments have less downtime and affordable price tags.


As minimal to non-invasive treatments become more popular, expect to see less of traditional treatments.


Improved injectable fillers

 Botox and other injectable fillers are still popular as they were in the early 2000s. However, common negative side effects such as muscle stiffness, itching, and rashes are prominent. This is why there’s a focus on improving injectable fillers in this day and age.


With a shift towards minimal and non-invasive medical treatments, research is being invested in injectable fillers to make them healthier, cheaper, and more accessible to the public.


Future of skincare

 As we move towards a technology-driven lifestyle, the industry of aesthetic medicine is steadily improving the way patients experience cosmetic treatments. The future is looking bright as we’re halfway through 2019. We’re certainly excited to see what the following years of aesthetic medicine have in store.


Our body is a temple, and us humans have the technology to shape it for the better. With advanced skin tightening and fat reduction equipment, the future is looking swell for aesthetic patients around the world.


Visit Aglow Aesthetics for everything related to medical aesthetic equipment and its benefits. With our expertise, you’ll be feeling and looking better under our medical care.

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