Common skin problems (and how to treat them)

No matter how effective your skincare regimen is, some problems are often unavoidable. If your skin is under constant trouble, now is the time to get the problem fixed. To do so, the first step to getting rid of the problem is to identify itself first.

There are countless skin problems the average person goes through on a daily basis. But in this segment, we’ll talk about the most common skin issues.

Some of these issues are innate or natural to the human body. These problems might require professional treatment. Know the many common skin problems in the list provided below.



Just when you thought your breakouts were long gone after college, they return to give you the worst case of acne. Adult acne is a common problem for the average adult. There are different factors attributed to the cause of acne. These include:

Excessive oil production

Wearing tight clothes

Excess activity of androgen



To know if you have acne, identify the symptoms first. Common symptoms of acne include whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. There are many ways to get rid of acne. One of them is to apply facial wash to unclog pores, followed by topical to combat against bacteria. For severe cases of acne, prescription topicals are highly recommended.


Stretch marks

Eating too much not only adds more weight, but the skin also stretches to a point where marks are visible. When the skin breaks due to rapid weight gain or pregnancy, stretch marks are bound to appear. These marks are usually reddish or pinkish grooves that appear on the hips, breasts, and stomach. They are almost similar to scars in appearance.

The best way to reduce the visibility of stretch marks is to moisturise the skin or apply some cream.  Prescription creams are effective and should reduce the appearance of stretch marks. An alternative solution is to undergo medical treatment with the help of aesthetic laser equipment. It’s a lot more expensive, but it’s also arguably more effective.



Moles are common among light-skinned people. While they’re mostly harmless, some moles can develop into melanoma, a form of skin cancer. If your family has a history of skin cancer, seek a check-up with your dermatologist annually. On the other hand, if you’ve witnessed your moles suddenly grow in size or colour, seek a dermatologist immediately.  This might signal the development of melanoma.

If your moles are unfortunately identified as precursors to skin cancer, you will have to be treated with the help of medical aesthetic equipment. The dermatologist will have to cut or shave the mole while using anaesthetic.


Eye bags

One of the very first signs of ageing is the occurrence of eye bags. These dark circles under the eyes can also appear on young adults or teenagers who undergo stress on a regular basis. Other causes of eye bags are allergies, genetics, smoking of cigarettes, and lack of sleep.

To prevent eye bags, practise a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep and avoiding stress. Apply moisturiser or cream to enhance the process. For a serious fix, have a dermatologist inject fillers along the circles to smoothen the surface under your eyes.
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