Cosmetic procedures: Invasive vs non-invasive

Ever since non-invasive cosmetic procedures showed up on the market, the use of invasive surgeries has plummeted. How so?

Some patients want the carefree feeling of not having to worry after getting treated, which is why they go straight towards non-invasive treatments instead. Non-invasive procedures refer to treatments that don’t break the skin in any way. Because of this, more patients are avoiding invasive treatments altogether.

This doesn’t mean invasive are completely out of the game. An invasive medical treatment is defined by the breaking of the skin. For example, getting your blood sampled is an example of an invasive procedure because the needle breaks through your skin.

Both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments have their own merits, but which one is worth choosing over the other?



For non-invasive treatments, the reliance on technology will depend on the procedure itself. Sometimes, non-invasive treatments could be as simple as deep palpation, a physical examination that makes use of mere hands and fingers. On the other hand, non-invasive treatments could be as advanced as body contouring with the use of fat reduction equipment.

One thing is for sure, you won’t experience any invasive elements go through your body if you’re choosing the non-invasive path. What are some of the features of non-invasive treatments?

Safety - It’s usually safer to get treated the non-invasive way. For example, if you’re going to get a traditional face-lift, it’ll involve the use of anaesthesia, which could cause complications such as scarring, paralysis, and even permanent disfigurement. In contrast, non-invasive face-lifts require no surgical procedures and anaesthesia. Instead, you’ll use non-invasive face-lift equipment to achieve natural results.

Quicker recovery - Most traditional cosmetic treatments can take time to recover. With non-invasive procedures, there’s little to no downtime at all.

Natural results - Since there are no major surgical procedures involved, expect a more natural-looking outcome. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments offer subtle and natural-looking enhancements.

Cost-effective - The lack of certain surgical equipment makes non-invasive cosmetic treatments the cost-effective option for patients.



Any treatment that breaks the skin is considered invasive. The good part about it is you’ll get what you pay for. Results are usually quicker compared to non-invasive treatments. Some examples of invasive cosmetic treatments include fillers, resurfacing, and neurotoxins (e.g.Botox).

Quick and long-lasting results - Compared to non-invasive procedures, invasive treatments (or basically cosmetic surgeries) are quick to deliver results. Not only that, but the results are usually long-lasting too.

Dramatic changes - Not only are they long lasting, but cosmetic surgeries will give you dramatic results. Expect to see significant changes post-surgery.

Minimal pain - Despite being labelled as “traditional”, non-invasive procedures still offer minimal to no pain at all thanks to anaesthetics.

Evolution - While traditional cosmetic surgeries back then had to avoid many risks and complications, nowadays such problems are prominent. Access to modern equipment has made the entire it easier for both patients and doctors to achieve the best results possible without any complications.


Which one should you pick?

There are two factors to consider: First, think about your budget. Is your budget sufficient enough to go through surgical cosmetic surgeries? If not, maybe a non-invasive procedure should be your choice.

Second, think about your goals and expectations. If you want significant changes to your body or face, maybe invasive cosmetic surgery is the one for you. On the other hand, if you want natural-looking results, go for a non-invasive treatment.

Ultimately, in the end, you’ll decide which one is better for your body. But of course, don’t forget to choose the right doctor and equipment; it’s essential. Before getting treated, make sure your doctor and the equipment they use is certified and reliable.
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