Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedures: Should You Invest in Them?

These days, women and a surprising number of men in Singapore are turning to non-invasive aesthetic procedures, intending to turn back the clock but without going under the knife. 

Statistics reveal that consumers today are more willing to invest in aesthetic treatments and procedures that will leave them looking great and feeling more confident than ever. As such, it’s hard to imagine the time when they used to shy away from aesthetic enhancements due to doubts and misconceptions. 

While the rising demand for non-invasive procedures can’t be denied, many are still wondering: why should you invest in them? 


Reasons to Invest in Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedures 

There are distinct benefits to minimally and non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Some of them are as follows: 


Wide Range of Options

There is a wide range of beauty equipment available in Singapore today that are designed to address virtually any pressing issues—fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and other specific problems such as double chin and flat nose bridge.


Minimal Pain

Minimally or non-invasive procedures use small incisions that are often only large enough for the insertion of small surgical tools. It means less to almost non-existent pain and discomfort following the procedure. Some patients have even reported tolerable pain and not needing large doses of pain relievers. 


Less Scarring

The size of the incision not only allows you to heal faster than traditional open surgeries but also means less noticeable scars. With these smaller incisions, patients often don’t require stitches after the procedure.


Quick Procedure

Most non-surgical procedures are performed in as fast as 30-60 minutes. But, besides the shorter hospital stay, these methods also often involve no downtime thus, allowing you to resume your daily life as soon as possible.


Natural-Looking Enhancements

Cosmetic surgeries were once stigmatised as procedures that will make you look fake. But, with non-invasive procedures, the results are natural-looking that anyone will not be so sure that you did a little enhancement.


Lower Risk of Complications

You have the technology to thank for the higher accuracy rate of non-invasive procedures. These aesthetic methods should work successfully and have high patient satisfaction. They offer promising results that you’ll see if not right away, then within a few days.


The results can last anywhere from months to years, although multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve optimal results.


Age Gracefully with Non-Invasive Procedures 

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology merges with medicine. We have more beauty equipment at our disposal to aid in ageing gracefully and enhance the aesthetic quality of life. 

As a provider of beauty and medical aesthetic equipment in Singapore, we at Aglow Aesthetics commit ourselves to discover the latest techniques in non-invasive procedures to provide you with ways to achieve the look you desire and deserve. 


With all this said, it’s worth to remind you that while the benefits are clear, consulting with your aesthetic doctor is essential to determine which non-invasive procedure will be most effective for you. 

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