Top myths in the aesthetic medicine industry

The gleaming industry of aesthetic treatment is littered with myths and misconceptions, it’s almost difficult to avoid them. From lip fillers to botox, almost everything in the aesthetic medicine industry has one or two common myths.


It’s easy to misconceive a fact based on observation or word of mouth. This is why it’s essential to invest in a little research. Knowing a thing or two about a few aesthetic treatments should help you determine the best course of action when deciding to get yourself treated.


Don’t get lost in a web of confusion! Learn more about aesthetic treatments by knowing the truth behind these top myths in the industry.


Botox makes the face unnaturally stiff

 One of the more popular products in the market is Botox. It’s an aesthetic medicine used to reduce facial wrinkles. Popular usage of botox has spawned countless stories, both positive and negative, regarding the outcome of botox treatment. One of them is the visible reduction of facial expressions after getting Botox treatment.


The myth is almost similar to the symptoms of facial paralysis. However, this could not be any less true. Doctors are trained to give patients a proper dosage of Botox to ensure their safety and freedom of retaining facial expressions. Once you get treated with Botox, there’s nothing to fear. Your doctor knows what’s best and you can feel free to smile after getting treated.


Lip augmentation causes the lip to swell

 Similar to Botox, it’s a common myth for lip augmentation to give the patient an exaggerated outcome of what’s expected. However, this is certainly untrue. Just like Botox treatments, lip augmentation requires the doctor to adjust the amount of lip filler for each patient.


The purpose of lip augmentation is to enhance the firmness of the lips while retaining its natural appearance. As long as your treatment is provided by a certified doctor, there’s no reason to worry about any negative effects of lip augmentation.


All aesthetic medicine treatments are the same

 It can be sometimes understandable to perceive all aesthetic medicine centres as one and the same. They all rely on medical aesthetic equipment when performing procedures. Nevertheless, this is not the case for the industry of aesthetic medicine.


Like with most products and services, you get what you pay for. With aesthetic medicine, this is true. Cheap medical procedures aren’t the same compared to high-end treatments. Doctors require advanced equipment and products when performing procedures on patients. The cheaper the deal, the riskier it is to invest in.


Inquire more about the list of treatment centres available near you and know more about their experience with their clientele. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of the services and products offered to you.


Aesthetic treatments are painful

Getting facial treatment may sound painful, but in fact, it has never been safer and relaxing. With the culmination of advanced aesthetic laser equipment and medicine within our reach, cosmetic treatments have improved significantly.


Even before then, keeping the patient well-comforted and relaxed is a priority. Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments are innovating the aesthetic medicine industry, for the betterment of both doctors and patients.


Beauty is acquired through technology. With the use of advanced equipment for aesthetic treatments, acquiring beauty has never been this safer. Check out Aglow Aesthetics and see more of our products which include the Q Switch Laser in Singapore.

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