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Rediscover Radiant Skin

Doanic Deuxclair device - an advanced and sleek medical aesthetic device designed to provide cutting-edge treatments. It features a compact design with a user-friendly interface and a range of customizable settings, offering precise and effective results for various aesthetic procedures.

Overwhelming technology

The Deuxclair Vacuuming System gently lifts the surface layer of the skin by using micro suction tip/point. This specially designed hand-piece will extend and open the pores for cleansing. The device will start to move in a very rapid synchronized motion without damaging the resilience of the pores. The Ultra-fine water Jet-stream uses ‘Hydro water fractional system’ to accelerate fine stream of water into the pores to clean and tighten the pores. This painless and non-invasive treatment will bring you outstanding results. It helps to remove any pore residue, tightens the pores and brings out the best results of natural skin regeneration.

Water jet system

Deuxclair helps to enhance autoimmune system which is designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the outer layer of the skin and protect its barrier with the less procedure time. Deuxclair is the new concept of treatment for pore tightening, wrinkle reduction and skin brightening using ‘Hydro water fractional system’ and ‘Hydro water delivery system’. Deuxclair water jet system is an advanced dermatological device which uses pressurized water device to release fine jet of sterile water to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The process helps to naturally rejuvenate and regenerate your skin without damage the surface.

The steps of Deuxclair procedure
The steps of Deuxclair procedure
The steps of Deuxclair procedure
The steps of Deuxclair procedure
What is Water Jet Cleansing System?

The Micro Aqua Jet System is a relaxing painless device aimed to improve skin’s clarity and pore

resilience. The Deuxclair technology uses pressurized suction tip which opens the pores. The tip is combined with the water jet which releases fine stream of water in a rapid manner. The sterilized micro stream of water is projected into the pores for thorough cleansing of the pores. This painless device helps to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, improve clarity of the skin, brings glow, rejuvenates and helps tone the skin. This treatment helps to unclog your pores and removes any residue from your skin. This device can be used on face and your scalps as well.

Pre-Treatment and Main Treatment
Diverse type of treatments’ beginning, can be covered by Deuxclair.

Deuxclair is one of the main devices, however, it can collaborate with other main devices and support them as pre-treatment to maximize the efficacy. The clean and neat skin by Deuxclair can absorb the efficacy of treatments perfectly. This Deuxclair Water Jet System Device is designed and inspected by doctors with utmost safety and efficacy in mind.

What can be expected from Water Jet Cleansing System?
What can be expected from Water Jet Cleansing System?
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