Fisioline Radiant

FISIOLINE RADIANT® is the latest Fisioline® innovation in the fi eld of T.e.c.a.r. Therapy, derived from over 30 years of scientific research, design and made in Italy production at the forefront in the field of electromechanical Physical Therapy. As a result of dynamic and constantly evolving path, Fisioline® is reknown nationally and internationally in Physical and Rehab therapy Centres, Multispeciality Centres and Clinics, Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facility, Hospital facilities, Sports Medicine Institutes, Sports club.

FISIOLINE RADIANT® is a radiofrequency generator which administers energy via the passing of an electrical current with monopolar, bipolar and tripolar, capacitive or resistive effects. The basic principle of radiofrequency is heat induction by means of the administration of electromagnetic waves to stimulate natural rehabilitation and anti-inflammatory processes within biological structures.

Applying energy to biological tissue at a correct intensity, one can obtain charge mobilisation by induction, similar to that which takes place in a physical capacitor model. This is a device made up of two metal components (plates) separated by insulating material (dielectric).

Using a CAPACITIVE electrode (INSULATED ceramic crystallization) charge movement and concentration develops mainly in the underlying surface facing the insulated disc.

Using a RESISTIVE applicator (NOT INSULATED), with the same output power, charge movement is obtained in the areas of tissue with higher resistance between the disc and the return electrode. These locations are generally bones, tendons, ligaments and muscle-tendon areas.

Three models of radiofrequency diathermy devices (monopolar, bipolar and tripolar) with capacitive and resistive energetic transfer, using the antalgic, trophic and mechanical properties of radiofrequency energies.

The devices use an innovative output stage in Class E that provides high emission frequencies without any loss of power.

Fisioline Radiant 200 is supplied with an electronic meter that measures the patient’s tissue impedance and, together with the Energy Power Bar monitors and real time displays the energy transferred to the tissues.

A very salient feature is the Wizard, a setup assistant that leads the user through a series of well defined steps.

Therapeutic protocols realized in cooperation with the Sports Medicine Institute of Turin.

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    • Manual and Automatic mode
    • Capacitive mode
    • Resistive mode
    • ResistiveBiopolar and Tripolar Handpieces
    • Multifrequency (7 different depth)

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    Key Treatments

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Pain therapy Antalgic effect
    • Post Traumatic
    • Sports Medicine
    • Anti Edema
    • Rehabilitation Therapy

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