TimeWalker Fotona4D

    The TimeWalker Fotona4D uses next generation aesthetic laser technology. A unique laser combination dedicated to non-invasive facelifting treatments.

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      • Two laser technologies in one advanced system: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG
      • Fotona's Nd:YAG wavelength is effective for reaching the deepest layers of the skin, while the Er:YAG wavelength is ideal for brushing away surface imperfections to reveal visually attractive, long-lasting results.
      • Technology optimized for facial treatments
      • Proprietary ASP power supply provides optimal laser modes for facial treatments
      • Top-Hat beam profile optics for uniform treatments with predictable results

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      Key Treatments

      • Fotona4D
      • SmoothEye
      • LipLase

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      • High precision, tissue-selective treatments
      • Impressive line of advanced accessories
      • Minimally invasive, safe treatments, and short downtime

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