The new definition of Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

Rich-PTP (Photoacoustic Toning Pulse)TM is a unique technology of Tri-Beam and has accomplished the best clinical efficacy that none of the other Q-Switched Nd:YAG machines has ever made. Particularly, Rich-PTPTM Technology shatters targeted chromophore and maximizes PhotoAcoustic effect.

Quasi-Long Pulse (pulse width 300 µs) 1064nm Gen Technique™ is a functional combination of thermal lifting and toning by using fundamental of selective photothermolysis. Gen Technique™ is not only good for pigmentation lesions, but also useful treatment for general skin rejuvenation of reducing large pores and skin lifting.

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    • 2 Pulse, 20Hz, Powerful Rich-PTP (Photoacoustic Toning Pulse) Toning
    • Gen Technique by using Quasi-Long Pulse
    • True Flat-Top (Homogenized) beam mode with multi high-reflection mirror minimizes any damages on the epidermis.
    • Auto-controller optimizes cooling water temperature to maintain the highest beam rate.

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    Key Treatments

    • Q-Switched 1064nm Melasma Laser Toning – Due to the deep penetration, it mainly targets pigment, melasma and other lesions in dermis area Dermal pigmentation Ota nevus / Blue nevus / Mongolian spot / Ito nevus / Congenital pigmented nevus: birthmark Rejuvenation: Targeting melanin and water Carbon peel: Acne / Rejuvenation / Large pores / Fine lines
    • Q-Switched 532nm Melasma laser toning / lentigo 532 nm is generally used for epidermal lesions due to its superficial penetration Café au lait macules / lentigo Nevus spilus / Becker’s nevus / Congenital pigmented nevus: birthmark

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    • Fast and effective treatment.
    • 2 pulse of TRI-BEAM delivers more efficacy and minimizes trhe adverse effects for Melasma treatment.
    • Prevention of reoccurence of melasma.
    • Versatile treatment options.

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